Will Be Shut Down Permanently From June 25, 2013

Park Ik, CEO of announced on sale and it will be shut down permanently from June 25, 2013! For those who didn’t know, is a large meeting place for online writers and blog consumers it was founded by Park Ik. The site started as a Pinger service, However on 2006 Park Ik expanded it as social networking portal with development partnership with Moonrank USA LLC. Refer below for more details about Park Ik statement.

Park Ik, CEO of announced on sale. This portal was founded in 2003 and later expanded to social network for online writers in 2006. In last couple of years gained excellent rise and therefore CEO wanted qualified investors to join as partner so that it can reach the sky. is backed by rock-solid mvc framework, distributed hosting, and crowd sourced online rating system. From the day one, BLOGGERS.COM never compromised with quality of content and service. It highlights genuine blog writers by filtering out automated spams. BLOGGERS.COM has Google Page Rank 6 out of 10 and Alexa ranking of around 2,000.

Now site is growing such a way it may grow as top 20 fortunate sites in net. However its since its growth is exceeding our capacity in terms of seed-money and human resource, is looking for investors who can nurture the project to its deserved level.
Interested parties with serious inquiries are requested to fill out the form to contact us.

Park Ik, CEO


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