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Chatbox For Blogger Using ChatWing

Create your chatbox for your Blogger using ChatWing. Chatwing has many exciting features and people have said it is the most sophisticated chat service on the web. The best way for you people to discover Chatwing’s numerous features is by actually using and testing yourself, however below you will find some of the more popular live features. Get your own now by simply making an account on ChatWing.com.

ChatWing are constantly adding new features and many features are added based on user feedback.

Chatbox For Blogger Using ChatWing

ChatWing Features:

  • Chatwing is Free
  • Chatwing Scale- Each individual Chatwing can handle over 7000+ live users
  • Create unlimited chatboxes and chatrooms
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, or Guest. Choose which login methods to offer, such as only Facebook.
  • You can create custom size for each Chatwing, simply drag the width and height for your needs.
  • You can create your own custom direct link URL for each chat like, chatwing.com/MyGroup
  • Music – play music inside your chat, any MP3 URL
  • You can select from existing amazing background images
  • You can use your own image as the background
  • You can customize the font including color, font family, size and line height

How To Get The Chatbox Code In ChatWing?

    • Login to your ChatWing account.
    • From your ChatWing dashboard, click button.
    • You can now customize your own chatbox style.

  • After that save it.
  • Then click to get the code.
  • Select .
  • Get the code.


How To Add Chatbox To Blogger?

  • Login to your Blogger account.
  • Go to Layout section.
  • Click Add a Gadget.
  • Find HTML/JavaScript and add the code.
  • Save and done!

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