Accordion Style Table Of Content For Blogger

Hello Bloggers, Trickiezone is back to share new article about on adding “Accordion Style Table Of Content For Blogger”. This is originally created by Abu Farhan so I gave all credits to him.
Accordion Style Table Of Content For Blogger


1. Accordion effect
2. Show and hide effect
3. CSS 3
4. Automatic add jquery
5. Different color for content
6. Different style for open and close
7. Auto Sort the title
8. Add New!! for 10 newest entry

How To Add Table Of Content To Blogger?

  • Login to your Blogger account.
  • Go to your blog “Pages” section.
  • Then “New Page >> Blank Page”.
  • Copy the code below then paste it into HTML mode.
  • After that click “Publish” button.
  • Done! :)




  • Change “” with your own blog URL.

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