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You Would Be Proud Of Yourself If You Follow These Unique SEO Tips

Guest Post – Our host today is Kathryn, Kathryn shared this article to help us to improve and be proud for your self to follow these unique SEO Tips. Want’s to become Guest Author? See How To Become a Guest Author on TRICKIEZONE.

Year after year, SEO has witnessed a lot of changes in its techniques but one thing that does not change with time is the significance of SEO. Yes, it is still one of the hyped tactics especially for businesses and website owners. It is extremely crucial to track some out of the box SEO tips in order to stand out from your competitors. Let’s have a look at such tips to understand SEO in the much effectual approach. Make sure to bookmark this research post to read these tips in case you are messing with your SEO campaign.

1. Undeniably, content is King but links are Queen. Both internal and external links play vital role for the visibility of website throughout search engines. Make sure to choose relevant keywords or words to develop links on them. For instance, if you are creating link to Home page then write text “Home Page” instead of ‘click here’.

2. There is no need to get obsessed of Pagerank as it is only a minute part of search engine algorithm. It is fact that sometimes, low PR sites can be visible first in spite of high PR.

3. Make sure to use keyword focused Title tags even at every page within website. If you want to put the name of your company in the title for sure then it is recommended to use it in the end of title. One good trick is that use a popular brand or that is popular household name, use it instead of your business name. You can get more searches.

4. It is essential to focus at search queries instead of single keywords. Even it is better to insert your location within text as it may increase the probability to get found throughout local searches.

5. Your web designer or developer must understand your needs of doing SEO. Cultivating a site by considering SEO in mind can do wonders during SEO campaigns. Always remember that spiders do not crawl images and Flash files but they recognizes only the text form.

6. URL file extensions have nothing to do with SEO. You can use .html, .asp, .htm or .php depending upon your preference.

7. If you do not want to update your site on regular basis then make sure to include Blog page. Spiders or crawlers need fresh content at least 3 times a week if you really want to improve your visibility over search engines.

8. Quality should be considered over quantity while implementing link building strategy. One high quality but authoritative link can do wonders than dozens of deprived links. In fact, poor quality of links may harm your reputation and may also reduce the search engine position.

9. If your site is linked with .edu or .info like domains, search engines gives more authority as compared to get linked with other .com or .net domains. Try to link up with such .edu or .info sites if they are finding some sponsors for them.

10. It is fact that all of the useful content cannot be displayed at the home page. Therefore, it is better to use those links in the form of sending emails or newsletters.

11. Call to action is extremely essential and if you are not following the same. Without call to action, all your SEO efforts would go in vain.

12. One keyword for single web page is always recommended. Most webmasters often use multiple keywords for a single page but it can really reduce the significance of your most valued keywords.

13. Social media marketing is also a part of SEO, so make sure to study social media sites such as Digg, Tumblr, Yelp and others properly to increase the efficiency of your SEO efforts.

So, by following these unique tips, you would experience a consistent rise in your website hits and that eventually will improve the search engine position amazingly.

Author’s Bio:
Kathryn is the author for Chrisalex Corp. She has also written several articles on the topic what will i look like when im older for the website www.ageme.com

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