Christmas Countdown Widget For Your Blogger

Christmas Countdown Widget For Your Blogger
Create your own Christmas countdown widget using Counting Down To and embed it into your site. It’s free and takes less than a minute. Customize by your own style with 4 different formats (Standard, Vertical, Compact, Micro). You can publish your Christmas countdown widget on your blogger blogsite or you can add it to as many other sites as you wish.

Standard Demo:


Sample Screenshot Demo:

Christmas Countdown Widget For Your BloggerChristmas Countdown Widget For Your BloggerChristmas Countdown Widget For Your BloggerChristmas Countdown Widget For Your Blogger

 How To Add Christmas Countdown Widget To Your Blogger?

1. Go to Blogger and login your account.
2. From your blogger dashboard go to the Layout.
3. Click “Add A Gadget” on the sidebar side of your Layout section.
4. Then new window pop up to you and search HTML/Javascript section.
5. Click “HTML/Javascript” and add the widget code from Counting Down To site or you can use the code below.
6. Save and see the result.  

Standard Code:

Basic Customization:
You can increase/decrease the height and width of this widget simply change the color red number just like the sample code below.

width=”350″ height=”240″ allowscriptaccess=”always” bgcolor=”#000000″ style=”outline:none”>

Hope this article helped to you if there’s something wrong, error’s about the code or about the installation on blogger please leave a comment below. If you found this article useful, you can subscribe to receive more updates about blogger tutorials, SEO tips and tricks, etc. Thank you!

Happy Blogging! :)

  • Alexus Pastrana

    I’m using this at my site now!! Thanks!!

    • John Francel Abaricia

      @Alexus, thank you for your feedback

    • Alexus Pastrana

      but wait..I think the timezone is my blog it’s 30 days 4 minutes left yet it’s just 9:00..3 hours before 12..but i’ve already fixed it..

    • John Francel Abaricia

      if theres something wrong with the timezone you can make your own christmas countdown here “countingdownto[dot]com”