10 Blogging Tips To Make Your Blog Looks Professional

10 Blogging Tips To Make Your Blog Looks Professional

Hello Bloggers, Is it your blog looks professional? I have something to share with you about on “10 Blogging Tips To Make Your Blog Looks Professional”. This is important to us as a Blogger, We need to pay attention the looks of our blog either the designs or the contents. Here are the 10 blogging tips to improve your blog.

1. Domain Name

  • Domain name have a big factor to make a good blog, it is more professional if you have a high quality domain name like (.com, .net, .org, .in, .info).

2. Content

  • Make a “Content” more interesting with introduction to introduce what the contents all about. Don’t copy other’s content make it unique.

3. Images

  • Don’t put to much images to your blog it will affect the loading time of your blog.

4. Template

  • Choose clean, easy loading template for your blog.

5. Designs

  • Control your blog designs because sometimes its will affect the loading of your blog or sometimes visitors don’t wants more colorful to that blog.

6. Advertising Banners

  • Don’t put to much advertising banners to your blog specially ads that popup when you entered the blog.

7. Widgets

  • Don’t put to much widgets to your blog, it will affect’s the the loading time of your blog.

8. Author’s Profile/About Us

  • You need a “Author’s Profile/About Us” page to introduce the creator of your blog.

9. Privacy Policy/Disclaimer

  • You need a “Privacy Policy/Disclaimer” page to set a policy, rules and disclaiming files and informations.

10. Contact Us

  • You need a “Contact Us” page to communicate to a person who may be asked for information or assistance.

Remember this you don’t need to become a Pro Blogger to make your blog look professional.

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    Nice set of first steps for a new blog. i am adopting all for my new Blog. coming next month.

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      yup! try it thanks for feedback